A Giraffe In The Gym Book Review

image1Several week s ago at  Indie Author Day, I had the opportunity to meet author and retired educator Beatrice Brown. After my presentation, we talked about her book, A Giraffe In The Gym. Her children’s book encourages kids to get moving and get active. I love this message. Creating a healthy habits and modeling a healthy lifestyle for our kids is very important to my husband and me. My children regularly go to our local cross-fit box with us while we work out. Despite their preference for sugar, we continue to introduce veggies and a healthy choices. We encourage them to participate in physical activities even when it seems difficult or “impossible”.

A Giraffe In The Gym is about one little boy’s day at school. Normally Brandon’s day includes getting distracted or not paying attention, but not today. Today, he is focused and it’s a good thing too. There is a surprise visitor at gym class and he teaches the kids a thing or two about being active and overcoming obstacles.

My kids got a real kick out of this book. They thought the idea of a giraffe in a gym was so funny.  I was even  asked if there would be a REAL giraffe at our gym. As we read, my children got excited as they identified the exercises shown in the book. Several times, they exclaimed, “HEY! We do that!”

The illustrations for A Giraffe In The Gym are so vibrant and animated. You can see the facial expressions in the characters’ faces. You can tell the illustrator worked hard to bring the story to life. He did an excellent job.

If being active and modeling a healthy lifestyle is important to you, grab A Giraffe In The Gym! Your kids will enjoy bring the exercises in the book to life!


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