Hi! I’m Bethany Armstrong. I’m a proud wife and mom to three incredible kids. Raising readers is so important to me. I believe that raising kids who are readers opens their eyes to adventure, incredible food, the ability to create, and the opportunity to change the world. My blog is all about raising readers – not just the books we are reading, but how the books we read impact and influence our adventures, our daily life, and how we view the world. Every so often, I throw in a book I’m reading, because as much as I love reading with my kids, I’m also a reader myself!

Books are life changing. At every pivotal moment in my life, there has been a book for me to read. That’s what my blog is about – cultivating a love of reading and the hunger for adventure books give us.

I’m so glad you here! I hope you are inspired and motivated to read with your kids. I also hope you are excited for where a good book can take you!

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