Blue Man Group Making Waves Exhibit

We spent the morning at the Blue Man Group Making Waves Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. I’m so thankful for the invitation to take my kids and explore this incredible exhibit. We all (my three kids and I) had the best time ever! My kids played nonstop for over 2 hours. And as soon as we left, they were asking when we were going to go back to the “Kids’ Museum”.

This brand new exhibit is called Making Waves and is inspired and designed by the popular Blue Man Group. This is a short-term exhibit and will only be at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta from June 10, 2017 to September 4, 2017. Make sure you take your kids! They will love it! The Making Waves exhibit uses musical techniques used by the Blue Man Group to encourage kids to make music. Using items like PVC pipes, drums, and sound waves, kids will have a blast engaging in a musical activity that is unique and completely open to interpretation as well!

My kids had a blast at Making Waves exhibit. They kept bouncing from one station to another. The neon lights keeps the energy level high and matches kids (and adults!) excitement to engage with the musical instruments.

I loved this trio of PVC pipe instruments. Each of the pipes were color-coded and had a different sound (kind of like techno music with organ-looking pipes). Kids can uses rubber paddles to hit the pipes and create amazing music. I especially liked that each instrument had a simple music book that had songs kids could play but following the color coded notes (the “musical notes” matched the different colored PVC pipes).

The drum section was SO FUN. Each drum provide different entertainment. The one my daughter is at showed the vibrations a drum makes with sound. This was demonstrated using sand. My sons loved pounding away at the other drums as they were able to observe how loud or how soft the drum sounds were based on the intensity of their drumming motion.

This station had PVC pipes and large push buttons. As you pushed on the buttons, sounds would come through the pipes. My kids got a kick out of how this station worked. I also loved how the staff of The Children’s Museum were readily available to teach kids how to get the most out of the station they were at. Every staff member we encountered was extremely kind and so friendly towards the kids.

After kids are finished playing with the various musical instruments, they will get to explore how to make and change sound waves. This was SO FUN! Giving kids space and permission to make their own sounds (AKA loud voices!) and then experiment with the sound waves creates a whole new dimension of musical exploration and fun. My kids got a kick out of playing at this station. It was so engaging and fun for them to play and explore.

We loved the Making Waves exhibit because it furthered our understanding of music in a way that was incredibly fun. As a family, we listen to the radio and we sing songs we’ve learned from movies, but I wouldn’t say we are music enthusiasts. The Making Waves exhibit was great for exploring music in a whole new way. I LOVED seeing my kids so engaged with not just making music, but how sound waves work. It was as much an educational experience for me, as it was my kids. That makes the Making Waves exhibit something the whole family can enjoy. You can take your kids to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, enjoy this specialty exhibit and walk away with a wonderful and wholesome family outing that is full of great memories.

To purchase your tickets to go to the Making Waves exhibit + enjoy the rest of the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, go to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta website!


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