Book Club: Kitchen Club Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

My kids get really excited when we get to play in the dirt and plant things. It makes them feel invested. Mostly we’ve planted flowers, but that has been an incredibly rich experience for us.

When the good folks at Kitchen Club Kids sent us the book, Garden Safari Vegetable Soup by Eluka Moore, Larry Puzniak, and Marianne Welsh, I was thrilled to read it to my kids. We are always looking for different ways to introduce vegetables to my kids. Whether that’s in muffins or raw, we continue to gently introduce vegetables our kids might be willing to taste one day.

For Garden Safari Vegetable Soup, I decided this would be a good way to softly introduce the concept that you can grow vegetables and eat them as opposed to getting them at the grocery store. My kids loved reading Garden Safari Vegetable Soup because they had just planted flowers, so they could directly relate to planting plants.

The Garden Safari Vegetable Soup takes children through the farm to table process with number counting. Kids get the chance to see how you pick the vegetables, and then how you prepare vegetable soup (there is a delicious recipe in the back!). My kids especially enjoyed the number counting. They got excited by the “five carrots” in the book, “Hey! Mom! We eat those!”.

I loved that the illustrations are so vivid. There is no mistaking a carrot or an onion. The basil leaves look incredibly life-like. The characters in the book are engaging.

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup is an excellent way to introduce a recipe to kids and to cook with them. My three kids are under five years old, so I was super nervous about chopping vegetables with three little ones, but we did have an absolute blast enjoy counting and talking about the vegetables in the book. When we finished reading Garden Safari Vegetable Soup, my kids were SO EXCITED to see that there are other books available by The Kitchen Club Kids.  There is a Rainbow Fruit Salad book, and a Recipe Activity Kit.

The Kitchen Club Kids are doing some amazing things to encourage families to enjoy healthy foods together. I’m excited to see what they do next; it’s evident the Kitchen Club Kids are passionate about the work they are doing. You can find more about what Kitchen Club Kids is up to by going to their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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