Book Review: Are My Kids On Track?

I’m always worried I’m not doing a good job as a mom. I think this is something that all parents worry about; what could be improved? What needs to change? What am I doing good? These questions are always in the back of my mind. I don’t use these questions as a way to create self-induced guilt. However, I do use it as an opportunity to look for ways of improvement. I’m always looking for ways to be better as a parent.

I am very thankful Bethany House Publishers gifted me the book, Are My Kids On Track? by Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan for review. Written by three counselors who have years of combined experience, Are My Kids On Track? addresses twelve different milestones your child needs to reach regarding Emotional, Social, and Spiritual. The book breaks down those three categories into specifics addressed with an individual chapter. Topics like Perspective,  Empathy, Ownership, Boundaries,Identity and Meaning are covered with their own chapters.

As a mom of three children under the age of five, I was a little concerned that Are My Kids On Track? Would not apply to me. It feels like it’s written towards parents with children who are middle schoolers. But as I read, I decided that this book was actually perfect for parents of toddlers and preschoolers as well as parents with older children. ¬†It gives you mile markers to check. The authors guide you into the conversations you should be having with your kids, the ways to redirect them, etc. I loved how the focus is not on helicopter parenting, but on helping your children become well-adjusted adults. The topics in Are My Kids On Track? Are subjects that you may not think about until there is a problem. Like creating healthy boundaries without getting taken advantage of; or helping them identify who they are with confidence. But by being aware of those milestones ahead of time, you can empower your child to grow in those areas.

Sometimes, when I read Parenting books, I get really turned off by the author’s tone. It feels like I’m being scolded. I hate that. Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Thevathan are not like that. They aren’t scolding parents with a long To-Do list served with guilt and anxiety. Instead, they are gently leading you; think of it like the parenting equivalent to getting a notification that the cost of apples went up. It’s helpful and beneficial. As I read Are My Kids On Track? I felt like I was having a round table discussion with the authors. That’s how conversational-written the book was; it was a gentle flow of experienced counselors giving you a heads up.

I’ve already recommended this book to several of my friends. I love when I read a book and I can’t stop talking about it. That is a good sign the book left a good impression. Are My Kids On Track? Is a great read for all parents. Grab your copy today!

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