Are my kids on track book authored by Sissy Goff presents wonderful ideas that help in proper parenting of children to grow uniformly and universally emotionally, spiritually, cognitively, physically and intellectually? The book presents knowledgeable ideas that keep track of children and as well as charter them. Ideally, how children grow fit emotionally, socially and spiritually determines how responsible they will become when they become fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and civil servants.

Immediately the child is born we start measuring given aspects including the number of fingers and toes, height and weight, number of diapers, weeks and months and to the extent of measuring the time the child sleeps. However, what becomes challenging to measure is soft skills. The book presents the real aspects to measure aimed at fortifying child development ways.

Are my kids on track aid to identify and measure twelve foundational social, emotional and spiritual milestones in children. The book installs feasible procedures that guide the kids through the life challenges they might face and help them overcome such temptations.

Sissy Goff points out explicitly various ways through which both boys and girls can be brought up properly and develop holistically thus prosper throughout their lives at an individual level. The book well-crafted with highly experienced and practicing counselors, speakers and writers give valuable, friendly information that is well researched aimed at supporting the children souls. Well-developed kids emotionally, socially and spiritually are courageous, compassionate, resilient, smart and empathetic.

The book matters significantly as it presents solutions to social life issues such as depression, suicide, eating disorders, substance and drug abuse, bullies and anxiety. The book cuts across and has become helpful across all ages and not only for the teenagers. Life challenges are feasible and real and as such, they require robust and insightful thinking that is beyond report cards and awards.

Are my kids on track book helps elementary kids to post and use feeling chart aimed at improving their vocabulary maturity. The book expounds how and why boys usually have a tough time when trying to identify the meaning of various facial expressions. Additionally, it presents mechanisms that can be employed in improving motor skills.

Are my kids on track book is a complete book that presents beneficial knowledge used to bring up a complete and mature child developed holistically. Emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects determine how the child will relate in future.