Book Review: Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen

If you ever meet my daughter, you will encounter a little girl who loves to dance. Even when she walks, there is a rhythmic movement to her walk. She can’t help it. She loves to dance. I love that she does this! It makes life so fun! In fact, My daughter’s dancing moves are just one of the many ways she makes life extra magical.

In Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen by Sebastian Hockaday, readers are introduced to a lonely little girl named Bella Boo. Bella Boo lives in a cottage in the middle of a beautiful garden. Like my daughter, Bella Boo loves to dance. When Bella Boo dances, she pretends her shoes are magical. One day, she meets a little tree man named Bloomer Fen. Bloomer Fen is desperate to dance like Bella. Initially, we see Bloomer Flen attempting to take Bella Boo’s magical shoes. When he is caught, can Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen work out their differences and be friends?

As much as I loved the story, I especially liked that there was tension between the two characters in Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen. That creates such good opportunities to talk to kids about the importance of working out differences and resolving issues kindly.

My daughter liked that Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen was about a dancing girl. She told me, “That’s a good book, Mom!”. Stamp of approval!

I loved the illustrations in Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen. The entire story was placed outside in the garden and woods. The illustrations of the garden and woods are so lovely. You can’t help but pause and take in the flowers, butterflies, grass, trees. There is such detail in the illustrations that it makes the scenes of Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen book come alive.

This was such a great book. Be sure to grab it for your kids.

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