Book Review: Free Rain

I’m so excited to share with you the new book by illustrator Jose Lucio, Free Rain. Last year, I shared with you Jose’s book, Heave Ho!. This is a book we have thoroughly enjoyed. We have LOVED reading and rereading Heave Ho!

I’ve been following the art making process of Free Rain on Instagram. You can follow Jose by going to @annelidical. So, to finally have it in my hands after watching Jose work so hard on it is such an honor.

Free Rain written Daniel Wentzel and illustrated by Jose Lucio is about a colorful group of chickens who overhear that there is “free rain” coming. Only, it’s not exactly rain, it turns out to be free RANGE. The play on words here is so funny; it follows the misdirection of chickens who are anxious, excited, confused, but curious by the idea of free rain.

Jose’s artwork, once again, is incredible. In Free Rain, he uses cartoon animation, collage and bright colors to bring the story to life. The expressions of the chickens were so hilarious; I was cracking up with how well they communicated their feelings. There is no misunderstanding what this flock is contemplating. You can see it!

My kids have been toting Free Rain throughout the house since the moment we received it in the mail. In fact, after we read Free Rain, they ran outside and began construction on a birdbath…with a drinking cup. My kids decided they could provide free rain for all birds! I love how Free Rain inspired them into action to consider bird baths, not just for chickens, but for our backyard visitors as well.

I love books like Free Rain and Heave Ho!. They inspire kids to consider the world around them. After we read Heave Ho!, we were collecting worms for weeks afterwards. Now, with Free Rain, my kids are asking questions about how birds find water and what does “free range” mean? I love those types of conversations! I’m thrilled when a book is the spark behind those conversations. I especially love it when a funny book like Free Rain is the source behind serious questions. Who knew that a flock of colorful chickens would inspire my kids? I did know, but I’m glad I found out!

When you read Free Rain with your kids (and I hope you do!), I would love to know what Free Rain inspires in them!

You can find out more about Jose Lucio by going to his website!

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