Book Review: Heave Ho! by Jose Lucio

For the past few months, my kids have spent a portion of their time at the breakfast table gazing outside the window. They get so excited when the birds fly in and peck the ground for food. My children are fascinated by the fact that birds eat worms for breakfast. This creates a lot of conversations and questions as they compare what they are having for breakfast to what birds eat.

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We’ve had Heave Ho! by Jose Lucio on our “Need To Read” book list for a while now. With our morning routine of bird watching in mind, I knew a book about worms would be right up my kids’ alley. So when we got Heave Ho! I’m not sure who was more excited: my children or myself! Heave Ho! did not disappoint! It’s story line explores what happens when worms decide they don’t want to be a bird’s breakfast? This is such a funny book. My children laughed and laughed at each page. And isn’t that the best? When a child giggles during a book? It makes reading aloud that much more delightful.

The illustrations in Heave Ho! are incredible. The artwork is rich in color and art technique. The collage-esque art style reminded me of Eric Carle, but modernized. There are many layers to the illustrations making this a book you can read and reread and still be engaged! I loved how each character in the book has animated facial expressions. You can tell Jose Lucio made sure that each detail was not forgotten; from the shades of green in the blades of grass to the rings around the worms, nothing is left out.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It exceeded my expectations; it was absolutely delightful. In fact, as I have been writing this book review, my daughter just ran off with Heave Ho! to look at it again! Make sure you grab a copy of Heave Ho for your kids. You will be glad you added it to your personal library!

You can find Jose Lucio at his website by clicking here. You can also find him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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