Book Review: Killing Wonder Woman

Do you ever feel like Wonder Woman? I know I do. With all the demands on women as we balance work, family, activities, calendars, it can be a lot. Sometimes, it can feel like we aren’t enough. That we haven’t done everything we needed to do or everything we should be doing. It’s so much. Sometimes being “Wonder Woman” doesn’t feel empowering, it feels like I’m always coming up short. This imaginary list of expectations I carry can sometimes feel like I’m about to be suffocated by them instead of managing them.

Killing Wonder Woman by Tenaya T.J.Tison addresses this very thing. Letting go of the lies and expectations we seek as we pursue our “Wonder Woman” identity. I love how the first thing the author talks about is – we don’t have to do it this way. I wore my copy out (as seen in the picture above), that’s no mistake! I took Killing Wonder Woman everywhere as I read it.

Tison immediately assures us we don’t have to be Wonder Woman. As a Christian, Tison dives into the truth in the Bible to show us that our identity is not found in our checklist, but in God. As we pursue HIM, the demands of our checklist no longer hold us captive. We are “A new creation in Christ”.

Throughout the book, Tison leads her readers to the Word of God as the source for killing Wonder Woman and becoming who God meant for us to be.

I loved the little “Let’s Be Honest” segments in each chapters. These little nuggets of truth directly address a lie we may be believing and shuts that lie down in a Tweet-worthy power punch phrase.

Killing Wonder Woman is divided into four parts – Identifying Wonder Woman, Being Set Free, Winning at Work, and Soaring in Faith. Through each part, Wilson breaks it down so it’s not overwhelming, but it is slammed-pack with real talk and truth from Scripture.

This isn’t a self-help book that skirts around issues facing women today. Instead, Tison kindly addresses each obstacle we face and points us to Jesus.

I was encouraged by Tison’s words. I was also really challenged to reflect on the lies I believe about myself. Being challenged to self-evaluate is never easy, but it does make us (me) a better person when I can identify lies, and crush them by seeking truth found in the Word of God.

Killing Wonder Woman is not a thick book, but don’t misjudge it’s size. It may be slim, but it is overflowing in content. ¬†Grab your copy today! You will be glad you did!

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