Book Review: Love Letters From God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart

Sharing stories of strong women with my daughter is so important to me. I want her to have heroes. As a family with  Christian values, sharing strong Christian women is just as important. I want all my kids to see men and women of faith as strong and courageous.

I was so excited when Author Glenys Nellist invited me to participate in her most recent book launch blog tour. Love Letters From God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart By Glenys Nellist is a beautifully illustrated book packed with Biblical truths. Each story highlights a different woman in the Bible. With each story, there is a lift-the-flap love story. The love letters can be personalized for the young girl in your life. Each story includes Bible references to the story (the story of Deborah is in Judges 4-5) and it also includes a separate Bible reference as well that makes the story personal to the reader.

For families who love The Jesus Storybook Bible, you will quickly become a fan of the Love Letters series (there is also Love Letters from God: Bible Stories, Little Love Letters From God: Bible Stories,  Love Letters from God: Holy Bible, Christmas Love Letters From God: Bible Stories, AND sneak peak! Easter Love Stories From God: Bible Stories which you can preorder now!).

In fact, as soon as we received Love Letters From God, Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart two things occurred. One, my daughter the book and ran off. The cover is a lovely color of lilac and any shade of purple is my daughter’s favorite. That wasn’t the only time I found my daughter curled up on the couch looking at Love Letters From God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart. The second thing that has happened is that I can’t stop talking about this book. I have recommended it to friends for gift ideas for Easter or special celebrations at church.  I squealed when my hair stylist mentioned she had just found Love Letters From God: Bible Stories and I was thrilled to tell her there was a book for girls too!

The illustrations are so exquisite. Each story is a two page spread. There are many wonderful details that only bring the Bible story to life. The illustrations will have you and your sweet girl pausing just to soak up the art. There are so many layers to the illustrations too! The first time I looked at Love Letters From God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart, I was mostly taken by the art. However, when I went back to it later, I noticed how each page layout mimics a scrapbook.

The best thing about Love Letters From God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart is that you can feel the love leaping off the page. That’s exactly how God’s love should feel to everyone. I love that this book makes God’s love personalized and relevant for young girls.

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