Book Review: Max and His Big Imagination Series

I love watching my kids become creative and use their imaginations is such a joy for me. This is probably because I had a HUGE imagination as a child. I even had several imaginary friends. Being able to read books to my kids that directly encourages them to use their imagination is the best. As we read, I watched their eyes light up as they connected the dots to the imagination taking place in the story with their own imaginary play.

Chrissy Metge has created this adorable series, Max and His Big Imagination. In Max and His Big Imagination: The Safari, Max has a sick day at home. He spends the day resting in his room. ¬†With his imagination, Max transforms his bedroom into a safari wonder land. He rides elephants, stays away from lions, and explores the safari. In Max and His Big Imagination: The Beach, Max and his mom spend the day at the beach. While the waves crash, Max builds a sand castle. Soon, he has a dragon visit his sand castle. In each book, Chrissy does an amazing job of creating a story that helps kids “see” Max’s imagination come alive. As a reader, you feel like you are seeing a “behind the scenes” view as Max’s pretend World comes to life.

The illustrations are animated, bright and lively. Max is expressive and his wide eyes play off the wonder if as a result of his imagination. I love how inviting and fun the images are; In the Safari book, the elephant is playful and engaging. In the Beach book, Max makes friends with A dragon who isn’t the least bit scary!

I especially loved this book series because Chrissy Metge has a background in animation. I have noticed that authors who have worked in animation have an eye for book design as far as their story goes. The flow of the story is smooth. I don’t know that much about animation, but there does seem to be a correlation. In particular, authors like Molly Idle and Dan Santat come to mind.

I highly recommend grabbing this series! Your kids will love them. My kids have asked for the Max books to be read aloud again and again. There are more Max and the Big Imagination books available too! This series is also available in different languages such as, Dutch, German, and French! Be sure to grab them all; you will want them! I know we do!

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  1. I imagine a background in animation would make for a talent in kid book designs. These books sound super cute! I love how imaginative kids are. Thanks for sharing!

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