Book Review: When Mommy’s Home With Me

Several months ago, I reviewed the book Working Moms. I really appreciated how that book highlighted and celebrated working moms. When I read it, I remember thinking how great it would be to have a book like Working Moms specifically for stay at home moms. When Cedar Fort Publishing gifted me with When Mommy’s Home With Me by Alison Moulton, I knew I had been given a gem.

There are two ways you can view When Mommy’s Home With Me.  One, you can view it as a book for stay at home moms. Which is how I read it the first time we read it aloud. This fun book is told from a child’s view point. Each page layout shows a different Mom/child(ren) scenario. It shows the ways a Mom stays home with her child. Such as, Mommy stays home with the her children and cooks  is a nod of the mom’s previous life as a baker/chef. I loved this. Not only does it celebrate moms who choose to stay at home with their children, it also shows how the mom integrate their previous working roles into their daily lives with their children. As a stay at home mom, I found My Mommy Stays Home With Me to be so encouraging. Not because it’s about a mom who stays at home with her kids, but because each mom brought such a unique set of skills home to her kids.

The second way you can view it is a Mom who may work outside of the home, but when she is home, she brings her “outside” gifts and talents to share with her kids. So, if Mom is an artist, she paints with her children.

Either perspective works well within the book. Each page celebrates who Mom was or IS; it varies from page to page, but it is always a celebration. There is such a great variety of professional roles illustrated within the book. From Scientist to Banker to Yoga Teacher to Gardener, there is something for everyone!

The illustrations are so beautiful. Rich and full, you can literally feel the love between the child and mom leaping off the pages. There are so many details on each page spread, don’t be surprised if you notice something new each time you read it! I know we have done that!

Be sure to grab your copy today! It’s a great book!






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