Book Review: Stink Moves In

Whenever my kids do art projects, I always hang their work up either on the kitchen cabinets or I will hang it on the wall. Even if it’s just toddler scribbling on paper with crayons, I hang it up. I’m so proud of how they carefully craft their art. I also love hanging it up because you can see their maturity and growth progress in their artwork as they grow. When my kitchen cabinets are covered in artwork, I call it my “personal Art Gallery”. And when they have new work to display, I won’t lie – I feel like the luckiest art curator to have such treasures in my possession!

I was especially excited to see children’s artwork in the book, Stink Moves In by Tammi Landry-Gilder. This delightful book has the artwork of Kindergarten and first grade artists, from Commerce Elementary School in Commerce Township, Michigan, illustrating the story. Of course, this means that the artwork looks childish, it also is a fantastic way to inspire children to illustrate their own books. I LOVED seeing the artwork. Each page was filled with the students’ work and each piece was as unique as the child. The illustrations really inspired me to start a book project with my kids. I think the opportunity to inspire kids to interpret a story with art is invaluable.

The storyline of Stink Moves is written in a rhyming prose about a boy who discovers a mouse in his house. The mouse is very crafty and successfully avoids many attempts of capture. This doesn’t discourage the boy from continuing his quest. It only fuels his mission. Who wants a mouse in their house? Not this kid! As he is plotting his next move, he comes to a surprising discovery that makes him completely change up his next plan of capture.

Stink Moves In is such a fun book. This is a perfect book for kids who love artwork, animals, adventure, and poetry! Stink Moves is also a wonderful way to engage kids in art and poetry! Children will definitely be inspired to create their own book projects!

You can follow author Tammi Landry-Gilder on her website. Stink Moves In is her first book, but she has already written a second book!

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  1. This is really cute. What an amazing opportunity for the kids involved. My son is interested in making his own books too – and I showed him this. He’s now looking to publish – ha!

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