Book Review: The Martian Wars

Every so often, I decide to read a book that is outside my normal favorite genre choices. I don’t normally read science-fiction, however, I was willing to give the genre a try with the book, The Great Martian Wars by Jake Beebe. Up until now, I don’t know if I had every read a book about life on Mars.

A young Prime Minister. A new marriage. Big dreams. A status quo challenge. An age-defying vaccine. Life on Mars. War.

This book has it all.

The main character of The Great Martian Wars is a man Penn Horton is now the Prime Minister for what is formerly the USA, but is now the land of Nova. He is newly married to Sarah, and his closest friend is  his trusted advisor. When they decide to move away from the council that controls the country, Penn is met with great resistance. Not to mention, what was once a great accomplishment – people living on Mars, has become a a horrific scenario of bondage. This is an action packed, and multi-layered story! Readers will have a hard time putting it down.

If you like a modern old world/new world futuristic tale, you will enjoy  The Great Martian Wars. I appreciated how the main character, Penn, isn’t afraid of new ideas. As a powerful leader, he has a singular focus on listening and taking care of the “common folks”.

The characters in The Great Martian Wars are engaging; author Jake Beebe does a great job of developing characters so you feel you really know them. Reading and “watching” Penn and Sarah’s relationship and how they leaned into each other in a new marriage that is formed before Penn becomes a prime minister made them even more endearing. Even the secondary characters, the ones that only show up occasionally, are so well developed that you feel connected to them.

The Great Martian Wars is the first volume in a series. So, there is more to come from Jake Beebe!

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