Book Review: The Heir of Kembarius

Do you want to know a secret? When you raise readers, sometimes, it can take you down roads you didn’t expect to take. The unexpected twists in a family’s reading journey elevate books and reading to an incredibly unique journey.

This was the case of author Sarah Stehlik. A mom of three boys, Sarah and her kids have read countless books. Until, finally, Sarah decided it was time to introduce the book world to her book. The Heir of Kembarius by Sarah Stehlik is book 1 in the Tales from Winderlawk. For fans of books like Lord of The Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and The Green Ember, get ready! You are going to love The Heir of Kembarius. The Heir of Kembarius is for ages 8-12 years of age, but if you love a good story, you will want to read The Heir of Kembarius.

The Heir of Kembarius is a fictional book about Kingdom Heir who was kidnapped; this act of treason caused the kingdom to divide. The heir was never found, and divisions have only grown. A select group, the five elders, are given the seemingly impossible task of finding the heir.

The entire story premise of The Heir of Kembarius demands a clear explanation of the kingdom’s history. I love that the first chapter carefully explains it. This is not a boring history lesson! You are literally sucked into the story, and the more you read, the more questions  you have. Never fear. Author Sarah Stehlik is a reader who writes for readers. She understands the need for a great balance of intrigue and explanation. Sarah delivers too! Ya’ll, I flew through the chapters. In fact one time, I thought I was still in chapter 4, only to discover I was starting chapter 7. That is the best sign of a good book; when you have no idea what chapter you are in, because you can’t get enough.

There is such mystery in the storyline of The Heir of Kembarius. I loved how you will think you know where the story is going, until it changes and then you have no clue. Those storylines, the ones that keep you on the edge of your seat, are seriously the best. My goodness. I couldn’t get enough. The characters are awesome. I loved how developed they were. There is friendship, mysterious leaders, even more mysterious and threatening “bad guys”.

Be sure to grab your copy of The Heir of Kembarius; it will make a great summer read!

I’m excited to see what Sarah Stehlik does next! She is a talented writer and has incredible grasp on a telling a good story. You can find Sarah Stehlik on her website.

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