Book Review: The Ladybug’s Garden

What is it about bug books that kids just love? I’m always amazed by my kids’ fascination with insects and bugs. In fact, I regularly find them in our backyard poking at ant hills to see what the ants are up to. Bug books are literally the best. I mean, I prefer bug books because I don’t have to worry about bugs coming into my home (haha!)!

In The Ladybug’s Garden by Anabella Schofield and Sofia Schofield check out their instagram!), we not only see a wonderful story about bugs and insects, but also of  kindness. This sweet story follows Ladybug’s day as she helps her friends and family on her way to the neighborhood picnic. When she arrives, she is greeted by a wonderful surprise (no spoilers here!).

In our home, we regularly discuss being kindness. We incorporate kindness as a routine practice in our home amongst siblings. We talk about it when we see a character on a TV show not being kind. Or if my kids encounter a child who isn’t being kind, we talk about how we are to respond. At every page turn in The Ladybug’s Garden, we see Ladybug going out of her way to extend kindness – sometimes at her own expense! There is no doubt the world can always use more kindness and that always begins in our homes. I loved reading The Ladybug’s Garden, because it was another avenue for my children to see kindness in action.

The illustrations are simplistic, but beautifully done in telling the story. I love how the characters are expressive and not a detail left out (there are various clocks in the story telling time).

Authors Anabella and Sofia are teenage twin sisters who wrote The Ladybug’s Garden as a school project. They enjoyed the process so much, they took steps to get it published.  I love when young women are not afraid to pursue their dreams. You can follow them on Instagram to see what is next for these young authors!

You can follow Anabella and Sofia on Instagram here. You can also follow the publisher, Pink Umbrella Books on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and check out their website.

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