Book Review: The Big Adventures of Tiny House

When my husband and I got married, we lived in a RV for the first two months of our marriage. I like to say that we did the “tiny house” trend, before it was cool. We faced many obstacles in that RV – in particular, ┬áno running water (it froze) and no heat (it was the middle of the winter). It did show us that we were up for an adventure as long as we are together. Furthermore, that dysfunctional RV was finally the nudge I needed to start blogging. Being newly married living in a RV without running water gave me plenty to blog about! With that beginning in mind, when I was approached to review a book about a tiny house, I had to say yes! I couldn’t think of a better way to show my kids, “Hey! We lived in a RV!” than a book about tiny house living. (Although, today’s tiny houses are MUCH cooler looking and better functioning than the one we lived in!)

The Big Adventures of Tiny House by Susan Schafer Bernardo comes out April 25. You can pre-order it now by going to the Once Upon A Time indie bookstore website.

The Big Adventures of Tiny House follows the story of a little house who is recycled from materials of a traditional house. Once Tiny House is given a fresh look and a set of wheels, Tiny House is off! When the title says, “BIG ADVENTURES” that is not an understatement. Tiny House travels all over the United States of America on an epic road trip.

Let’s count the ways I loved this book:

1. All families will enjoy this book. Whether you are planning a road trip, use an RV for a weekend trip, road trip full time, or you just curious about tiny house living, this is the book to read!

2. You could EASILY use The Big Adventures of Tiny House as a road map to take an epic road trip across the USA.

3. There are SO MANY different homes shared. The variety of tiny homes are celebrated. This tiny house movement is BIG on options – house boat, traditional RV, vintage RV, a BUS, and different Tiny House models. They are ALL celebrated in this book.

4. This is a fun read aloud book. It’s engaging and your kids will crowd around as you read it.

The illustrations are beautiful! I love how illustrator Courtenay Fletcher seamlessly combined muted tones with bright colors thoroughout the book. That is immensely talented. I also love the art matches the story’s enthusiasm; when Tiny House visits New Orleans, it looks like a postcard. When he visits The Grand Canyon, you SEE the grandeur of the of such a national treasure.

Be sure to pre-order your copy of The Big Adventures of Tiny House. You will love it! You can also print off fun coloring pages!

Be sure to follow author Susan Schafer Bernardo and illustrator Courtenay Fletcher.

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