Book Review: There’s A Bully In My Brain

Over the last few years, I’ve had an increased amount of anxiety. I’ve used praying, quoting Bible verses, deep breathing, limiting my TV watching, and journaling to help me overcome my anxiety. The combination of those tactics has helped me manage my anxiety. It has also helped me have more empathy towards people who have heightened anxiety and need to seek medical/professional help. There is NO SHAME in needing professional help! If you need to seek medical or professional help for anxiety, please do so. Getting medical or professional help for anxiety is not just an act of self care, it is an act of courage.

I’m excited to share a brand new book available TODAY, There’s A Bully In My Brain by Kristin O’Rourke. There’s A Bully In My Brain provides support for children with anxiety. Written by Kristin O’Rourke who is a licensed clinical social worker, There’s A Bully In My Brain helps children identify the cause of anxiety and provides tangible solutions for how to work through when a child feels anxious. I really liked this book because it helps kids understand what they are feeling. It also provides parents/teachers with options to direct children for ways to manage┬átheir anxiety in a healthy manner. Sometimes, feeling anxious and worried can be very scary for a child; they don’t understand why they feel the things they do and that can be very overwhelming. With There’s A Bully In My Brain, kids will feel empowered to understand and clearly communicate what they feeling to an adult.

In There’s A Bully In My Brain, children are taught that the negative thoughts induced by anxiety are actually bully tactics. Written in in first person, children learn what the Bully tells thems and how to navigate those feeling of anxiety. With tactics like counseling, deep breathes and directly addressing those feelings, children learn how to overcome anxiety.

The illustrations are animated and work really well to differentiate for a kid between an anxious child and the bully (anxiety). Kids will be able to easily identify with the illustrations in There’s A Bully In My Brain. The illustrations are a lighthearted way to discuss a heavy topic like anxiety.

I think adults (parents and teachers) will find There’s A Bully In My Brain a wonderful tool to use to talk to kids about feeling anxious and how to overcome it. For a child who doesn’t understand what they are feeling, having a resource like There’s A Bully In My Brain and a safe adult to process with is a powerful combination.

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