Book Review: Working Mama by Suzanne Joyce

I’m sure we all know incredible women. In my circle, I know women who are lawyers, nurses, teachers, consultants, authors, professors, accountants, musicians, and business owners. I admire their drive towards excellence in their careers. They are also mothers. They are raising children while juggling a demanding job. photo

When Suzanne Joyce approached me about reviewing her job, I was really excited. While I am a stay at home mom turned blogger, I love the message of Suzanne’s book, Working Mama. She celebrates the mom who juggles family with career. Being a stay at home mom is not easy, but at the same time neither is a working mom. Written from a child’s perspective, Suzanne Joyce has written a book that takes readers through the day of a child with two working parents. This unique perspective shows how much the child feels loved from his parents not in spite of their careers, but how much their careers make the child feel cared for.

In Working Mama, you see family dynamics, we can all relate to – whether working or stay at home mom. My kids giggled where the mom sings silly songs and dances in the morning, “Like you!” they exclaimed (it’s true. I am sorta famous for my morning song and dance routine!). I could relate to staying up after the kids are in bed doing laundry or dishes. We are big football fans around here, so my kids nodded enthusiastically as the family enjoyed some “football fun”. It was clear the book family takes football as serious as we do and makes it a family affair as well.

The illustrations are color blocking and very modern. Using bright colors, the illustrator made sure the art does not distract away from the story. I always admire an illustrator who is able to do that, because I imagine that isn’t an easy task.

This is such a wonderful book. In fact, my kids swiped it before I was done reviewing it. Grab this book; it’s sure to be an encouragement to the mom in your life who balances family and career. It would be a great way for a mom and a child to connect over a good book. I’m all about that. Suzanne Joyce plans to have a Working Mama Series and I love her vision to write books that celebrate other career paths. Stay tune for more!

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  1. This sounds really intriguing! I’m interested in seeing how/if my kids connect to the story. And I always love a series, so that makes it more exciting! Nice review!

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