Day 6 of 12 Days of Guest Bloggers: Jennifer from @Jenjustread

Jennifer has an awesome book Instagram account. I really enjoy seeing what books she and her son are reading. I’m excited to have her guest blogging today!

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When I was younger I imagined how my life would be when I was married and had children. That vision definitely included books…and lots of them!


However, I rationalized that until I had children I wouldn’t buy any children’s books. I stayed true to that decision for the most part.

One of the two times I caved was the Christmas before we were engaged. I knew it was coming, (I actually expected Erik to propose during Christmas. He didn’t, but that’s another story) and I wanted to start our life together with the tradition of opening a new Christmas book each year. I imagined years down the road we’d cozy up as a family and read the massive pile of books I’d accumulated. That first Christmas I bought The Night Before Christmas by Jan Brett. I thought it was the most classic story and most beautiful copy available. I treasure that book. In addition to the spirit of Christmas it exudes, it reminds me of a bright and joyful future.

I haven’t done so well since. To my regret I did not buy a Christmas book for our first Christmas as a married couple! I don’t know what I was thinking. I suppose I figured the lovely copy of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens we’d been given as a wedding present counted (it totally does). Last year was our son’s first Christmas and again I didn’t buy a book (tradition clearly hasn’t gone so well). I’m counting a book we received as a gift for his birth, Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett.

This year though, it’s gonna happen!

fullsizerender-2In fact it already has! For months I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect Christmas book for this year. I have been so excited to restart this tradition. I originally planned to only buy hardcovers, but now that I have a young son I realize how unrealistic that is. This year I went with a board book: The ABC’s of Christmas by Jill Howarth. It is so gorgeous and I have a soft spot for ABC books! I want my son and any future children I have to be able to enjoy these books without losing my mind worrying about torn pages.

Erik and I have been considering what other traditions we want to incorporate into our Christmas holidays. He loves A Christmas Carol so we came up with the idea that we would read that story aloud as a family starting the day after Thanksgiving each year. Eventually, as our family grows we plan to make it an event. Music, props, different speaking parts for each person, we want to go all out!

The last two years have been crazy to say the least. I’m thrilled we are settled in a home where our son will have opportunities to make memories year after year, starting with this Christmas holiday.


Hi! I’m Jen and I love books. For the past year I’ve been reading and reviewing children’s books, seeking out the best of the best! I love good design, clever and meaningful text, and eye-catching illustrations. I love books so much that I studied English Literature in college but somehow never took a class on children’s lit. My son is what brought me to this incredible world of picture books and I hope to instill in him the immense love I have for reading.

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