Dragons Love Tacos Party

Dragons Love Tacos By Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri is one of my favorite picture books. It’s the book that got my kids to eat tacos. It’s the book that I couldn’t stop talking about. So much so, I started a book blog. If someone asks for a good picture book recommendation, I always quick to recommend Dragons Love Tacos.

We’ve read it a thousand times and I could read it a billion more times and never grow tired of it. What’s even better, my kids love Dragons Love Tacos. They crack up at the illustrations and the story is hilarious. They talk about Dragons and Tacos and Spicy Salsa. For my youngest’s ¬†first Halloween, I dressed him up as a Dragon with a taco. When Target did a limited time release of Dragons Love Tacos t-shirts in 2016, I bought them all…in every size. Because when you are a fan, you do things that make you seem a little extreme. It’s safe to say our (ahem. MY) love for this book runs deep.

You can only imagine my reaction when I discovered that Dragons Love Tacos 2: THE SEQUEL was coming. Let me tell you how I responded: I was totally cool. Kidding! It was 4am in the morning and I was wide awake. I was scrolling the interwebs when I saw it. I saw the cover of Dragons Love Tacos 2. I did a silent scream and promptly pre-ordered it. And then I shared it everywhere. Sharing is caring, ya’ll. I was only looking out for folks. Spreading that Dragon and Taco love everywhere is my mission. And since it is my mission, if you haven’t read Dragons Love Tacos, what are you waiting for? Both books are so fun to read aloud. The one liners are hilarious (I mean, “pantsload of tacos” is hysterical). In my mind, Dragons Love Tacos and The Sequel are instant classics. If you love Dragons, you will love it. If you love Tacos, you will love it. And if you like both, well, that is a perfect match!

Of course, waiting for the Dragons Love Tacos 2 book release was excruciating. It did give me a lot of time to plan out our Taco Party. If you know me, you know I love ANY reason to throw a party or have a celebration. So, book release day for a good book? PARTY TIME!

Here is my confession: our party? It was really just dinner. But, you know what? That dinner was incredibly special. It gave us, as a family, a reason to take dinner up a notch. It gave us a reason to celebrate. It was incredibly special to laugh together as we crunched on tacos.

For dinner, we had ground beef tacos with cheese, sour cream and mild taco sauce. For dessert, we had Choco Tacos (which we had to hunt down after going to 3 stores and calling 2 other stores). While we ate, we read Dragons Love Tacos 2: THE SEQUEL. It was such a blast.

Spending time together as a family is so precious to me. Connecting over good food and a long anticipated book is even more dear to me. I hope my kids cherish these memories. I know I do already!

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