Our Favorite Kid Books on Manners

Manners matter, right? As a mom, I spend half my day (it seems) asking my children to say, “Please” or “Thank you”. We’ve recently started working on table manners – specifically, chewing with your mouth closed, etc. Honestly, it can be exhausting. However, we have found some really great books that talk about manners. What sets apart the books I’ve highlighted from a boring how-to list of manners is that these books ARE FUN. They create great conversation to have with your children. I like to ask things like, “What do you think of [insert character’s name]?” Or “Was that kind?”.

Let’s start off with, the books below:

  • Give Please A Chance by James Patterson and Bill O’Reilly: This is a beautifully illustrated book. Using a variety of illustrators, you get many a wide array of exposure to art. It’s wonderful. Aside from the illustrations, each spread provides children with scenarios in which they give please a chance. My kids LOVE reading this book.
  • How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? By Jane Yolen and Mark Teague: This book is brilliantly written. The moms and dads in the story are humans, but their children….well, they are dinosaurs. It’s so witty, parents will LOVE reading this book (and the rest of the books in the How Do Dinosaurs series). Kids ALSO love this book because: 1) Kids LOVE Dinosaurs and 2) The text is hilarious, so they stay very engaged.
  • Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony: It’s no a secret around BookReviewMama.com, that THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER. Yes, my kids love it too! Mr. Panda has doughnuts to give out, but he is having a difficult time finding a polite friend. Ya’ll. This will be a book that you will be delighted to read and re-read AGAIN. It’s amazing.
  • The Pigeon See A Hotdog by Mo Willems. The Pigeon is back! Be prepared to roar with laughter with your kids as the Pigeon wrestles with a decision: to share or not to share?


5. No Tooting At Tea by : This book isn’t out yet, but I’m SO EXCITED about a book that is based around a tea party and discusses manners…specifically, “tooting”.

6. Bernstein Bears Forgot Their Manners: This is a classic book all about manners! It’s a throwback to my childhood for sure, but the topics covered in this book are ageless.

7. Tea Rex by Molly Idle: I LOVE Molly Idle. I think her books are so fun. Tea Rex is all about a wonderful tea party that is planned, but there are rules to be followed….but what happens when the guest of honor is a little jurassic?

8. Manners by Margaret Wise Brown: I love Margaret Wise Brown’s work. She’s not afraid to tackle difficult topics (remember, Dead Bird?). Manners is another topic Margaret Wise Brown takes on with beautiful illustrations!


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