Our Legoland Day!

Last week, we had the pleasure of spending a full day at Legoland Florida. We were graciously given tickets by Legoland. You can read my blog post about the ways we prepared for our visit by going here.

My husband and I spent a lot of time of time planning out our visit. We decided we wanted to try to go to every area of the park during our visit. We were pleasantly surprised that we almost reached our goal (thunderstorms prevented us from going to the Waterpark).

The park is typically open from 10am to 7pm. We arrived at 9:30 am which gave us time to take pictures in front of the park, but still get a great spot in line for when the park opened. We soon found that at any place in Legoland where there was a line, there was also a huge bucket of legos for the kids.

Here are a couple of our favorite highlights from our trip. Although, truly, we loved every second.

The Carasousel: This double-decker carasousel was incredible! Each of the horses looked like Lego figurines and it was a great first ride stop for our family.

Ford Driving School : my son LOVED participating in the Ford Driving School. Afterwards, he was given a “driver’s license”. He proudly carried that around the entire park.

Ninjago: the newest section of Legoland Florida is Ninjago. This Ninja themed section is based off the popular Lego TV Show, Ninjago. In the themed park Ninjago, kids can climb a rock well, attempt to “defeat lightening”, balance, and the entire family can ride the 3D interactive ride. The Ninjago ride ended up being our favorite whole family ride.

Duplo Valley: This amazing toddler area has a splash pad, covered age-appropriate play set, as well as several great rides. My toddler loved the rides in Duplo Valley so much, we rode them several times! They also had a wonderful baby-toddler area. It was indoors. It had an incredible indoor play area, places for parents to sit, and a private baby center that included space for nursing moms.

Lego builders displays: Throughout the park, Legoland had incredible works of art made entirely out of legos. This was probably the most expected part of the trip, but each display defied expectations. With dinosaurs, dragons, the Daytona 500 and Las Vegas built out of legos, you couldn’t help but stop and admire. The hours the Lego Builders Group spend making these displays is truly impressive.

Pirates’ Cove performance: My pirate-loving son insisted that we go to the Pirates’ Cove performance. I’m so glad we made it a priority! It was a water performance that was fun and interactive for kids. We were SO impressed by the skills and performance of the Pirates’ Cove performers. The main character, Salty, greeted guests at the entrance of Legoland when the park opened. I think kids loved seeing a character (Salty) reemerge from the start of the day.

Imagination Zone: When the thunderstorm brought a downpour of rain, we headed to the Imagination Zone. The building contained SO MANY FUN ways to encourage kids to build and create with Legos. There was a section for racing cars. My son loved building his car and then racing it against the other kids. My daughter loved building a platform and then watching it “fly” through the air. There was a spot with duplo blocks that was interactive and we discovered our toddler especially LOVES building with Legos. (We bought him a box of Legos while there!)

For lunch, we enjoyed hamburgers and fries at the Lego City Burger Kitchen .The outdoor picnic areas were well covered, so we loved eating outside. Not to mention, Legoland had two resident cats that my kids loved feeding!

For a mid-afternoon snack, we stopped by the Firehouse Ice Cream shop to cool off. SO good! We tried the ice cream and the Coca-Cola ice cream floats. Both were so delicious.

At Legoland, the employees are called, “Model Citizens”. Every Model Citizen we met was truly a model citizen. They were kind, friendly, fun, interacted with the kids, and very helpful. At Pirates’ Cove, the Pirate’s Cove Performers and Model Citizens answered all my kids questions and allowed my kids (and the other children there too!) to spray them with water. At the Train at Duplo Area for Toddlers, the Model Citizen had my son laughing with his silly dance. At Tractor ride at the Duplo Area for Toddlers, the Model Citizen made sure every seat on the ride was dry after the rain had stopped. At the Imagination Zone, I watched Model Citizens pick up legos off the floor time and time again. No grumbling! Truly, at every turn, we were met with amazing examples of “Model Citizens” at Legoland.

We loved spending the day at Legoland. We had a blast riding rides, explores the different world and embracing such a day of fun. Thank you, Legoland for giving us such a wonderful, wonderful day.

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