The Green Ember Book Party

We recently listened to the audiobook version of The Green Ember by SD Smith. We loved it. This well-written story follows two rabbits, Heather and her brother Picket, from their ordaniary and safe home life to an unexpected wild and dangerous lifestyle. In the story, Heather and Pickett watch as their home is destroyed, their family disappears, their loyalty is tested, their courage is developed, and their spirit of adventure is pushed beyond limits. They fight off wolf enemies, learn about their family history, and meet new friends along the way. SD Smith uses the hashtag, #rabbitswithswords on social media and that is an appropriate and shortened explanation of The Green Ember. This books feels old; the language and story feels like you threw rabbits into a Peter Pan/Swiss Family Robinson/Robinson Cruscoe story. But it is so riveting and exciting.

We loved listening to this book as a family. My kids, who are 5 years old and younger loved The Green Ember. I’m sure this has a LOT to do with the superb narration of Joel Clarkson. Joel did a phenomenal job of creating distinct voices for EACH character and maintaining their voices throughout the audiobook. Honestly, we couldn’t get enough of this story.

After we finished listening to it, I could think of no better way to bring The Green Ember to life than a hike. I wanted our children to experience The Green Ember in the woods. We choose a path at our local nature center that boasted of a suspension bridge and access to a creek. I bought rabbit ears from Target, the kids grabbed our collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle swords, and we packed provisions (sandwiches, carrots, apples, cookies, and a lot of water). Then, we were off.

The day was overcast and cool. As we hiked, we collected treasures of pinecones and sticks. We inspected trees that might have an opening like Heather and Pickett’s home. We kept an eye out on Red Eye Garlickson’s evil wolves (we also talked about how we leave our scent behind).

At the creek, my kids splashed and played in the cool water. Once thoroughly soaked, we continued on with our hike.

This “party” was unconventional for sure, but Heather and Picket’s adventure was unconventional from the life they had known. Watching my kids pretend to be Heather and Picket as they dodged wolves in the middle of the woods was magical.

As we finished our hike, and climbed into our vehicle to go home, my son asked, “Hey! Let’s go home to watch The Green Ember movie!”. Maybe one day The Green Ember movie will be come reality. That would be amazing!

I cannot recommend The Green Ember books enough. It is a fantastic series to listen to or read aloud for the entire family.

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