Golden Guide books are published by St. Martin’s Press. They are an illustrated series that comes in full color. Each of these amazing books features general information and intriguing facts about science and nature on a wide range of topics, including space, dinosaurs, weather, mammals and more. Pick up some of these today for yourself or to give to your children. They are great to use as study materials for homeschooling, as well as books to supplement traditional school studies and to quench interest in these subject areas.

Read on to find out about the different categories of Golden Guide Nature Books that are available and see what you can get today.


Want to learn about which animals are nocturnal and which are awake during the day? How about the life cycle of a butterfly or frog? If you’ve always been fascinated by the animal kingdom and have a desire to find out much more, grab up a few of these Golden Guide Nature books about the various critters with which we share the world. You may learn something that you can share with your family before a camping trip, or that will be of some use on your travels throughout your own neighborhood.


Have you always been interested in rocks and minerals? Want to learn all about what the Earth is made up of, and how the forces of nature have changed it over time? There is a great deal of information in these Golden Guides to help you understand what is around us, including the different kinds of landforms. No matter where you live, there is something to learn within the books about your surroundings. Take the time out to pick one up to read with your little one and you will know about the wonders of this place we call home.


Plants may seem so simple in their design. You see them every day, but have you taken time to really think about them? Even if you’ve learned about the green things of the world in school, there likely is something new in a Golden Guide for you to read and tell your children. Read about flowers, trees, plants that only grow in the desert, and a myriad of other types of plants. You just might be able to identify plants you never knew of before on your next journey out in the woods.


Are you someone who has always looked to the stars and wanted to know more about our wonderful yet perplexing universe? Regardless of how much knowledge you already have about space, there always is more you can learn. Read these books with your kids and talk about the different planets’ qualities, what the stars are made up of, and the exploration that’s been done of the moon and other reaches of the universe. One thing for sure – you’ll have a greater understanding the next time you look into your telescope, as well as a new appreciation for the galaxy.